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Reddam House’s Class of 2021 achieves 929 distinctions and 100% matric pass rate


In a year beset with disruptions, lockdowns and uncertainty, the 2021 matriculants at the Inspired Education Group’s seven Reddam House Schools around the country once again met the year’s challenges head on and delivered exceptional results in the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams. Collectively, the Reddam House matriculants achieved 929 distinctions. 254 students achieved a B-aggregate or higher.

Reddam House students obtained a total of 30 rankings in the top 1% and 209 rankings in the top 5% of IEB candidates per subject nationally.

Five Reddam House matriculants did exceptionally well in achieving eight distinctions each and a further 19 students achieved an impressive seven distinctions each.

In addition, the following results were achieved:

  • 16 students achieved 6 distinctions each
  • 27 students achieved 5 distinctions each
  • 33 students achieved 4 distinctions each

Erin Fischer (Constantia Campus) and JunHe Chen (Waterfall Campus) achieved a national ranking within the top 5% of all IEB students in six subjects or more.

Ieb Commendable Achievement List: Robynne Stephenson (Constantia Campus) and Shalin Pather (Waterfall Campus) achieved a national ranking within the top 5% of all IEB students in five subjects.



Commenting on the overall results of the Reddam House Class of 2021, Ravi Nadasen, CEO of Inspired in South Africa says: “I am incredibly proud of this group of Matric students. The Covid-19 pandemic has altered our lives and this group of students has shown true strength in dealing with adversity, evidenced in the way they coped with these challenges. I have a huge amount of respect for these students and the dedication that they have shown. They have a solid grounding for life, and I know that they will excel in the next steps of their lives.”

Reddam House is proud of the Class of 2021’s all-round excellent results. They achieved a 100 % pass rate. Since January 2021, the school has not missed a single day of academic time, with teachers and students pulling out all the stops to ensure online learning took place with as little disruption as possible.

Managing Director of Education and Ethos at Reddam House, Sheena Crawford-Kempster comments on the Class of 2021: “Our Reddam House Matric students have shown incredible optimism and gone to extraordinary lengths. They adapted and stretched themselves mentally and emotionally. Ultimately, triumphing in the face of unprecedented challenges. We believe, beyond doubt, that our outstanding Reddam House 2021 Matric results, affirm our students’ resolute commitment to the task at hand and their resilience during another year of COVID disruptions. This success was achieved as a result of the proactive, strategic and operational measures we adopted, as well as the unfailing commitment and dedication of our Heads and teachers in the holistic pursuit of academic excellence at our Reddam House Schools.”

Inspired Education Group’s South African schools continue to set dynamic, new standards in international academic excellence.